Artistic Director -Dr. Axel Theimer

Dr. Axel Theimer (born March 10, 1946) is a Dr. Axel Theimerconductor, composer, singer, author and professor at the College of Saint Benedict / Saint John’s University (CSB/SJU) in Minnesota. He conducts the professional a cappella choir Kantorei (Minneapolis / Saint Paul), the National Catholic Youth Choir and the Amadeus Chamber Symphony, and is currently in his 44th year as a music faculty member at CSB/SJU, where he conducts CSB/SJU Chamber Choir and the SJU Men’s Chorus. He is on the faculty and is executive director of the VoiceCare Network. He is an acknowledged expert on healthy vocal production for solo and choral singing, and the effect of conducting gesture on vocalists and instrumentalists. His choirs are known and praised for their particularly warm, natural, expressive and efficient sound.


Marion Judish, Violin, Concertmaster
Kristen Bauer, Violin
Laura Dahl, Violin
Tamara Bottge, Violin
Laura Wolfram, Violin
Dianne Brady, Violin
Dan Larson, Violin, Principal
Tyler Gaeth, Violin
Jeanie Schoephoerster, Violin
Rachel Tisdahl, Violin
Linda Peck, Violin (on leave)
Shigeyuki Yachi, Violin
Cecilia Diffley, Viola, Principal
Aurora Adamson, Viola (on leave)
Jim Johnson, Viola/Violin
Carter Scheele, Viola
Kathryn Weinmann, Viola
Bryant Julstrom, Cello, Principal
Steven Eckblad, Cello
Thea Stockinger, Cello
Emily Imm, Cello
Noelle McMilan, Cello (on leave)
Fr. William Skudlarek, OSB, Cello
Patrick Dinndorf, Bass
David Lorenz, Bass


Elizabeth Eickhoff, Flute
Kris Boyle, Flute/Piccolo
Rachel Tessier, Oboe
Rachel Kohler, Oboe
Tom Gaetz, Clarinet
Katie Johnson, Clarinet
Maia Hamann, Bassoon
Anna Zeleny, Bassoon
Richard Witteman, Trumpet
Sean Jacobson, Trumpet
Jacob Ford, Trumpet
Terri Deming, French horn
Louise Clinton, French horn
Trey Perez, French horn
David Gouker, French horn
Brian Campbell, Trombone
Nelson Mitchell, Timpani/Percussion