2023-2024 Guest Artistic Directors

Steven Eckblad, Fall Concert
Dr. Brad Miller, Christmas with St. Ben’s and St. John’s
Conductor TBA, Winter Concert
Dr. Brad Miller, Spring Masterworks


Laura Dahl, Violin, Concertmaster
Kristen Bauer, Violin
Dianne Brady, Violin
David Haugen, Violin
Carmela Thiele, Violin
Jeanie Schoephoerster, Violin
Tamara Bottge, Violin
Shigeyuki Yachi, Violin

Jim Johnson, Violin/Viola

Kate Hansen, Viola
John Johnson, Viola
Jana Kelly, Viola
Sophia Kufalk, Viola
Carlin Mayhew (Stiles), Viola
Melissa Prescott, Viola
Carter Scheele, Viola

Noah Braun, Cello
Haley Hennen, Cello
Bryant Julstrom, Cello
Jennie Kalpin, Cello
Fr. William Skudlarek, OSB, Cello

Patrick Dinndorf, Bass
David Lorenz, Bass
Meghan Weiss, Bass


Kris Boyle, Flute/Piccolo
Elizabeth Eickhoff, Flute
Mikayla Graeme, Oboe
Rachel Koehler, Oboe
Caroline Schmitter, Oboe/English Horn
Shigeyuki Yachi, Oboe
Tom Gaetz, Clarinet
Katie Johnson, Clarinet
Adrian DeVos, Bassoon
Maia Hamann, Bassoon
Kyle Klepel, Bassoon
Bruce Thornton, Bassoon

Tony Hutar, Trumpet
Bruce Linnemeyer, Trumpet
Tom Pattock, Trumpet
John Plantenberg, Trumpet
Richard Witteman, Trumpet
Sean Jacobson, Trumpet
Terri Deming, French horn
Tim Johnson, French horn
David Gouker, French horn
Van Battle, Trombone
Brian Campbell, Trombone
Terrence Humbert, Trombone
Larry Mariette, Trombone

Levi Schwieters, Trombone/Timpani/Percussion
Edward Wendt, Tuba/Timpani/Percussion

John Creasy, Timpani/Percussion
Matt Kiminski, Timpani/Percussion

Jerry Lederer, Piano

Dr. Marion Judish, former Concertmaster

Recent Guest Conductors: Steven Eckblad, Aaron Carpenter

Founding Artistic Director – Dr. Axel Theimer

Dr. Axel Theimer (born March 10, 1946) is a conductor, composer, singer, author and Professor Emeritus of Music at the College of Saint Benedict / Saint John’s University (CSB/SJU) in Minnesota. After a teaching career of 52 years at St. John’s and St. Ben’s he retired in the spring of 2021. He is founder and past director of the professional a cappella choir Kantorei (Minneapolis / Saint Paul), co-founder and past director of the National Catholic Youth Choir and founder/artistic director of the Amadeus Chamber Symphony. At CSB/SJU, he conducted the SJU Men’s Chorus, founded the CSB/SJU Chamber Choir as well as the All College Choir and taught voice, vocal pedagogy, diction and choral conducting/techniques. He served on the faculty and as executive director of the VoiceCare Network until the summer of 2021. He is an acknowledged expert on healthy vocal production for solo and choral singing, and the effect of conducting gesture on vocalists and instrumentalists. His choirs are known and praised for their particularly warm, natural, expressive and efficient sound.


Cecilia Diffley, Viola

Beverly Williams, Violin/Viola

Scott Bryce, Violin